Principal’s Message


Our greatest joy is our students, and this is represented in our school’s motto – ‘learn together, play together’.

Churchill North PS enjoys friendly, positive relationships with its families and is highly regarded in the community of Churchill.

All staff, students, and families work well together, and I feel privileged to work in such a positive environment.

Teacher focus has very much been on developing and improving class programs with professional development in Challenge Learning, Assessment, Curriculum Planning, Literacy & Numeracy.

Our school’s vision is for high quality instruction and learning for EVERY child, EVERY day in EVERY classroom and EVERY environment.

Our school values a safe, caring and supportive environment.  We involved students in developing our agreed values of: trust, courage, patience, teamwork, co-operation, respect, listening and responsibility.

We provide a comprehensive curriculum across all key learning areas, with specialist classes in ICT, Art, Sport & Mandarin. Religious education is optional for students in Grades Prep – 2.

The Sound Way program is a new initiative which supports students in reading, writing & spelling results within the school.

Staff actively use digital technology, such as flip cameras, interactive whiteboards, visualizers, lap tops and iPads to enhance student learning. This is an exciting opportunity to further enhance the use of technology and educational outcomes of students.

We pride ourselves on providing relevant learning programs; setting attainable goals; considering the individual needs and differences of students; promoting excellence and building the self esteem of all students.  We believe that learning can be fostered in a socially supportive environment, which is positive, caring, happy, friendly and stimulating.

Our school hosts a whole school drama program where students participate within an annual school production; this is eagerly anticipated by students, staff and the community.

Students are well represented in leadership positions within the school – we currently have an active Junior School Council, and positions of School Captain, Vice-Captain and Sports House Captains.  We have a range of programs in place that promote the leadership development of students; these programs develop a cohesive & friendly atmosphere in our school.

The school conducts a weekly afternoon assembly where students and parents assemble to recognise group and individual achievements and promote excellence and school/community values.

All schools rely heavily on the efforts of parents and volunteers to provide additional assistance; I must congratulate the Parents & Helpers Association for their commitment to the school.  A number of parents participate within class programs, special days, excursions and swimming. Fundraising activities are exciting for students; canteen and special activities are an added benefit for students during the term.

We also boast a very active and supportive School Council, with all members working tirelessly in seeking to improve the opportunities and outcomes for our students.

Both School Council and Parents Association are actively involved in the functioning of the school through the work of School Council sub-committees, facilities, fundraising, social functions and educational activities.

Our key priorities are:

  • To develop a consistent whole school approach to improved student learning outcomes in English and Mathematics with a particular focus on high quality instructional practice.
  • To improve student engagement and motivation in their learning.
  • To develop a school culture of collaboration which recognises and responds to the individual needs of all students.
  • To ensure the effective allocation of financial, human, physical resources to support the successful delivery of school strategic priorities.

Our school is truly a great school and one which I feel would support your child in attaining their personal and educational goals.

Debbie Bostedt