Integration Support

To assist students with additional needs, CNPS offers integration support in the following areas:

  • Autism trained staff
  • Systems to support hearing difficulties
  • Social & Emotional Support
  • Literacy & Numeracy Support
  • Welfare of all student needs
  • Comprehensive assessment and monitoring system
  • Regular feedback and Student Support Group (SSG) meetings

We also offer dedicated language programs.

Our Language Support Program offers groups sessions for students, three times a week, focusing on Phonological Awareness and Phonics.

Our Speech Therapy Assistance Program provides sessions for one or two students at a time, three times a week.  These sessions aim to help students with their Receptive and Expressive Language skills and any Articulation or Phonological Processing difficulties.

We also offer an Articulation Program supported by a qualified speech pathologist.

To find out more about the programs we offer and the ways we can support your child, please get in touch with the school.