School Profile

Churchill North Primary School is located in the township of Churchill in the Latrobe Valley, 13km south of Morwell, at the base of the Strezlecki Ranges – a comfortable two-hour drive from Melbourne. Close by is Monash University Gippsland Campus and Kurnai Secondary College incorporating the innovative GEP (Gippsland Education Precinct) campus – Churchill Campus.

Our school was established in 1976 and consists of 4 individual units; with 4 classes in each unit. All buildings can be modified for open-plan learning, all have a separate administration core. Each open plan module has two toilet blocks, two wet areas and two withdrawal rooms. Our school is very well resourced with a multi-purpose room, an art room, well equipped automated library, a maths/science/technology centre and a computer centre. All classes are equipped with 4 computers. The internal & external buildings have been recently painted, and the grounds are well maintained. We encourage students to take pride and ownership in their school.

Churchill North PS has a current population of 172; the spread of males and female students is in proportion. The school has a teaching staff of 12; 8 full time teaching staff, 3 part time teaching staff, 1 part time specialist staff, 12 Education Support & Principal.

Churchill North PS enjoys friendly, positive relationships with its families and is highly regarded in the community of Churchill.

Our school values a safe, caring and supportive environment. Students were active in developing our agreed values of: – trust, courage, patience, team work, co-operation, respect, listening & responsibility.

Programs and activities that have directly contributed to this include:

• Lunch Time Links program that provides sporting and leadership opportunities for students

• Craft, Cuppa & chat which brings parents together in a social context to develop community support and cohesion

• TAGS – Student engagement program

• Sports program

• Kinesiology & PMP within junior grades

• Language Program – support for expressive & articulation

• Student leadership program • Active Junior School Council

• Breakfast Club • Regular whole school activity days

• Annual whole school concert • Swimming

• Bike education

• Positive student welfare and management program

• After School Child Care Program which operates daily from 3:15 – 6:00pm

• Playgroup which operates Wed & Fri 9:00am – 11:00am

A comprehensive curriculum is provided in all domains; with specialist classes in ICT, Art, Sport & Mandarin. The school has a Chaplain who’s role is to provide social, emotional and spiritual support to the school community – that means to provide a listening ear and caring presence for all students, families and staff.

The Sound Way program is an initiative to improve the development of reading, writing & spelling results within the school.

We pride ourselves on providing relevant learning programs; setting attainable goals; considering the individual needs and differences of students; promoting excellence and building the self-esteem of all students. We believe that learning can be fostered in a socially supportive environment, which is positive, caring, happy, friendly and stimulating.

The school is committed to the continual improvement and monitoring of student progress. It recognises its accountability to parents, in particular, students’ progress. In terms 1 & 3, interim progress reports are sent home to families. An initial interview in Term 1 sets the scene for class & parent expectations. Parents are encouraged to identify their child’s strengths & weaknesses and set goals that are achievable throughout the year. Comprehensive reports as per DET policy are sent home in Terms 2 & 4.

The school supports the belief that every child can and will learn, and that to nurture a child to their full potential involves the commitment of the whole school community.

Our school’s vision is High quality instruction and learning for

EVERY child, EVERY day in EVERY classroom and EVERY environment.

The school has developed strong links to the community, through its partnership with Kurnai College – Action Squad & Federation University, the local kinder is regularly invited to attend visiting performances and local events at the school; we have developed links to Hazelwood House (a retirement village).

Both School Council and Parents Association are actively involved in the functioning of the school through the work of School Council sub-committees, facilities, fundraising, social functions and educational activities.

The school conducts a weekly afternoon assembly where students and parents assemble to recognise group and individual achievements and promote excellence and school/community values.

Our key priorities are:

  • To develop a consistent whole school approach to improved student learning outcomes in English and Mathematics with a particular focus on high quality instructional practice. • To improve student engagement and motivation in their learning. • To develop a school culture of collaboration which recognises and responds to the individual needs of all students. • To ensure the effective allocation of financial, human, physical resources to support the successful delivery of school strategic priorities.

Our school motto ‘Learn together, Play together’