High Expectations

Academic Growth Award

This AGA is awarded to the child/children that demonstrate the greatest growth within the learning areas of English (Spelling) and Maths (Counting, Addition or Multiplication).

What is an Academic Growth Award?

The Academic Growth Award shows an improvement within the academic achievement of individual students in the areas of English (Spelling) and Maths (Counting, Addition or Multiplication). It is presented to the child/children within each grade that demonstrates the greatest growth within these learning areas.

Why are we implementing an Academic Growth Award?

Our intention is to recognise, encourage and celebrate growth in learning and to build community awareness and knowledge in supporting students in their learning improvements over time.


Learning Power Award

The Purpose of this award is for students to be competing against themselves and not each other.

What is a Learning Power Award?

The Learning Power Award scaffolds students in the development of work quality, attitudes and behaviours to be powerful learners. It is presented to the student/s within each grade that has demonstrated a high level of Learning Power, Consistency within their Learning Power and Greatest Growth in their Learning Power.

Why are we implementing a Learning Power Award?

Our intention is to clearly articulate the work quality, attitudes and behaviour that students will need to equip themselves with in order to assist them in becoming resilient, engaged and independent learners, at their level.